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Customer Testimonial

I used the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Lincs MS therapy centre for a number of months due to having fractured my C1 and C2 vertebrae and sustained a spinal cord injury in a cycling accident. The fractures were taking a long time to heal and I had been in a rigid collar for four months at the start of my treatment. I am happy to say that I am now free of the collar and the fractures have been shown in a scan to be sufficiently healed to be deemed stable, allowing me to remove the collar and regain movement. I am told that fractures such as these can be notoriously difficult to heal and, whilst I can't say exactly how much it contributed I do feel that it sped things up.

The staff at the MS therapy centre were absolutely superb and Cat is always really helpful and accommodating when it comes to making appointments. At £20 a session I feel the cost is very fair and well worth every penny when it comes to returning from injury more quickly. Thank you so much..

Mark Thornton

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