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Seated Yoga



11:30pm - 12:30pm

Suggested Donation

From £5

What is yoga? 

Traditionally, yoga is a discipline encompassing mind, body and spirit, your attitude to yourself and others, including the environment. In this class we practice adapted, seated  Hatha Yoga, which focuses on the physical side of yoga, but also works with the breath to aid us in the poses and to help us relax and ease tension. Yoga is for everyone, no matter what age, sex or ability.

As yoga encompasses both body and mind, poses are done with awareness, helping lead to a well-balanced, flexible body and a clear mind. Whilst toning and re-shaping the physical body, yoga can stimulate the internal organs and the nervous system. Practising yoga helps to coordinate the breath, mind and body to encourage balance, both internally and externally and to promote feelings of relaxation and ease. Yoga offers students the chance to stretch, strengthen and flex the body, to develop awareness and to relax.

What does a yoga class consist of? 

The class is comprised of breathing exercises, physical poses and relaxation techniques. At the MS Therapy Centre, yoga is practised in a chair. The instructor will first guide you through a short breath awareness session. The class then moves on to a series of poses. At the end of the session there is a short period of guided relaxation. This 60 minute yoga class is suitable for beginners as well as those that have practised previously.  

You will be advised to only do the poses which are within your ability and are comfortable for you. Modifications will be offered for beginners and challenges for those who are more experienced.


What to bring?

Wear comfortable, loose clothing that you can move comfortably in. Ideally yoga is performed in bare feet, but bring socks and a fleece or jumper for the relaxation.

Studies have shown that yoga can help you to:

  • Improve flexibility and balance, build muscle strength, 

  • Perfect your posture and protect your spine

  • Boost immunity and breathe more efficiently

  • Relax and ease tension 

  • Achieve an enhanced feeling of well-being

  • Improve concentration

  • Better quality sleep

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

Make time for yourself and see what yoga can do for you!

About the instructor: "I began practising yoga about 25 years ago – to try something different from the aerobics classes of the day. Little did I know that this would send me on a never-ending journey of physical, mental and spiritual challenges. I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and began teaching yoga in 2013. I have a range of clients – from people who have never practised yoga before to those who have their own regular practice.

I am dedicated to furthering my understanding and knowledge of this amazing ancient practice, which has enhanced my life.  I participate in regular workshops and a programme of continuing professional development with some of the world’s best teachers, including Jason Crandell, Howard Napper, Tara Styles and Peter Blackaby."

Exercise Suite


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


£10/week (for a weekly access pass).

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