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An enjoyable, comforting therapy which involves a specific massage of the feet. Certain points on the soles of the feet reflect all parts of the body, and a Reflexology treatment can access those points and stimulate self-healing in areas which may be a little below par.  Reflexology is not painful or ticklish, but for those clients who have particularly sensitive feet, Maud treats through the hands instead.

Many people find regular Reflexology can offer relief from unpleasant problems such as; constipation/digestive problems, poor quality sleep, headaches/migraine, back-pain; it can also help to reduce high blood-pressure, relieve anxiety and depression and increase the sense of well-being.

Fun Fact!

An ancient therapy, Reflexology is recorded as far back as 5000 BC in China, and slightly more recently, 2,500 BC in Egypt when it is believed Cleopatra treated the feet of Mark Anthony!

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