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Fees and Charges for 2019

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

In line with other therapy centres in the Federation of MS Therapy Centres we reviewed our pricing policy.

Due to people not turning up for booked appointments and late cancellations the centre is losing a fair amount of money as we still have to pay the therapists. Some weeks this can be over £200.00. The Review Committee has decided the following:


  1. Payment is to be made at the time of booking appointments.

  2. Cancellation of appointments must be given 48 hours in advance to enable us to try and book someone else into the slot.

  3. Booked physiotherapy appointments will be held for 15 minutes after the allotted time, then it will be offered to someone in the centre for the remaining 30 minutes. All money paid will be forfeited.


As oxygen therapy tends to be on a regular basis (once a week or fortnight) you are encouraged to pay for these by standing order through your bank. This will make it easier for both parties.

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